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Strategy Call:

To kick off our project together, we schedule a strategy call with the overall goal of getting to know your primary goals for the company and your team.  I will get to know your current processes and begin to map out a plan of action based on your prioritized workflows.

Discovery Sessions:

I will schedule a call with each of the key employees heading up the departmental workflows with the purpose of gathering process details and pain points from their perspective.  With each discovery call, and review of any current process documentation I begin to arrange the full workflow keeping the overall company goals in mind, while bringing together the individual needs of each department.

Workflow Solution Presentation:

With the insight gained from our Strategy and Discovery sessions, I will build flow chart to represent the current process and proposed edits to increase efficiency through automation and software solutions.  After the presentation, with your feedback, we make adjustments to ensure you are happy with the workflow.  Upon your approval of the proposed process, we can begin to build and execute the design.

Building & Feedback:

I work to build the frame work of your software solution, adding triggers and documenting them in process diagrams.  I perform thorough tests and identify additional opportunities for simplification and automation.  When the initial framework build is complete, I will request a feedback session via recorded demo videos.  I choose recorded videos for the feedback sessions for many reasons:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to review on your own time, without having to coordinate your team.

  2. I get opinions & suggestions from more individuals and their own perspectives

  3. You are able to take more time to think out your feedback, rather than being under the time constraint of a live video meeting.

Of course after you have gathered your feedback and opinions separately, we can schedule to discuss or clarify your suggestions.

Automations, & Integrations:

Now that we have our standardized our process and built our frame work for success, I power up the workflow by adding automations and integrations to optimize your performance and efficiency.  I thoroughly test the set up by working through the process and adjusting any potential conflicts.

Final Presentation & Feedback:

Once the workflow customization and testing is complete, I will provide the drafted final demo/training video along with the documented flow charts for feedback and edits.  We will schedule a live video meeting as well once the sample material has been reviewed.  After making any final suggested edits, I will request approval of the project and provide final reference and training materials for your records.

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