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Stop Falling Through the Cracks in Your Business Processes - Save Bandwidth and Reclaim Perspective

We have all been there, small business owners, managers, and supervisors. You end your workday, and you are already tallying through tomorrow's to-do list (and your teams') or second-guessing the ones of today. It starts as a small blip of thought on your drive home or during dinner with your family, then turns into an up-all-night, unproductive night of overthinking. You are burnt out on tomorrow before it even begins.

The overwhelming tasks of a growing business never seem to end, and it's hard to keep track of them all. No matter how hard you try, things seem to slip through the cracks, and you are constantly anticipating the next fire you will have to put out.

Like most people, you are bombarded with disjointed emails, texts, voicemails, and social media messages. This combined with a mounting to-do list leaves you feeling out of control and disorganized. If YOU feel this disorganized how are you supposed to provide quality leadership and structure to your team?

This was me in evening TRYING to relax after work...

Bath - ☑️

Wine - ☑️

Brain - eh, not so much on board...

After 11 years of doing this job, there MUST be a better way???...and it appeared to me in a glorious Facebook ad. I swear the social media elves are listening to me...out loud, and can apparently hear my thoughts as well...for that I am grateful :) - a Work Operating System

It sounded like a dream, and that night I signed up (maybe from my bubble bath 🤷‍♀️), built my first board, and implemented it the next day....and my team LOVED it. As we worked with it, we made adjustments, added more automations, and voila...the whole company was in the mix. We were instantly able to increase communication as a team, as well as with our customers. We dramatically improved our customer response time by having data at our fingertips that would previously take multiple phone calls to accomplish. We even invited our sub-contractors in to collaborate within the system. In the field or the office...everyone knew the history of every client. Better yet, I was now able to see it ALL from a 1000 ft view! It was truly a critical turning point in our day-to-day operations, and my work-life balance.

Four years later I still use it religiously in business, as well as managing my personal really is for everyone, and is constantly rolling out new features and integrations. They truly listen to their customers' needs, and working with their support team is such a delight. It is customizable to any industry, will continue to grow and change with your business, and can automate most of those tasks that "fall through the cracks". It is super intuitive!

I encourage you to watch a short demo (less than 15 minutes), just to get you excited with the possibilities.

Want to talk more about , or even have a chat through your process and strategy to best implement it within your company? I am here to help! I LOVE the platform (if you didn't notice) and am excited to hear your ideas. What could you do with ?

Check out my service offerings here. I hope to chat with you soon! If you would like to see a demo workflow specifically for your industry, drop me a comment!

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