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Meet Brittany

Workflow & Process Management Professional

I'm Brittany and I started Process Workflow Solutions in 2020, after 12+ years of experience in the home service, green, and construction industries. 

Over the years, as COO of an extremely fast-growing and busy Atlanta tree service, I have experienced my fair share of victories & struggles related to rapid growth.  While I was proud of our success, and the services we provided; I always felt we could do better to improve the enjoyment of our efforts and fulfill a better overall customer and employee experience.  We were endlessly "in the weeds" and just trying to keep up with the day-to-day operations.  I knew there was a problem to solve, but finding the time and mental energy to invest in the solution was the real challenge.  What I have learned is, if it is important to you; you will find the time to make it happen.

In my 8th year with the company, I began a nightly search of industry-specific software solutions and drew out endless workflow diagrams. I found there are overwhelming options for software out there, and they all promise to fit your unique business needs, however, I found it was truly impossible.  Even if the software is built specifically for your company, your workflows are ever-evolving; and new challenges and room for improvement will always exist in a successful and growing business. Who has time to learn and implement software, that will always have a gap in my needs?  

This is where I had to get creative, and stumbled across a cloud-based work operating system (Work OS) that is .  Discovering this solution, was a turning point in my overall happiness and balance at work.  Finally, software that encouraged and supported flexible workflows, automation, and integrations; a solution that would take all the processes and checklists out of my head, and into a self-sustained and automated environment.  My brain could finally breathe. 

My success in this experience revealed to me a passion for software implementation, training, and process improvement that I was eager to share with anyone who would listen.  It was clear that I had found what truly excited me, and led me to start my own consulting business.  

The mission of Workflow Process Solutions is to help businesses across all industries identify and address gaps in their business workflow through the implementation of industry-specific software, automation, and integrations designed and tailored for their company's needs. It is my goal to help small businesses and their owners by creating a lasting impact on the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of their success.

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